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Almost half of all Africans own mobile phones but charging them is a hustle either due to energy access challenges or inconvenient charging solutions when out and about.


Charge Ko is providing portable & affordable power solutions to ease charging and this is how we have gone about that so far.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

Africa's future is digital and the core driver is the power of the mobile phone. In Uganda's urban areas, 24% of people that dont own mobile phones state the reason as lack of electricity to charge their phones. 

Even those with mobile phones and access to electricity both at home and at work eventually run out of battery when out and about and without safe and convenient charging solutions in public places, their digital lifestyle is suspended and they lose access to all their precious apps until they can charge up.

We have developed a suite of solutions that solve the mobile energy challenge both with as standalone batteries and also embedded in everyday use items like car seat organizers, backpacks and more.

Our Journey So Far



Starting out with providing phone charging lockers at events allover Uganda, we made strides in ensuring thousands of revelers stay online.

We partnered with renowned event organizers like House of Djs, Talent Africa Group, Bakiga Nation and Empaako Yange to serve events including Blankets & Wine Festival, Nyege Nyege, Royal Ascot Goat Races, Shisa Nyama, Rukundo Egumeho Festival and many more.



With the Covid19 pandemic raging on, we made our entry into the restaurant space allowing customers dine with peace of mind. We provided charging lockers at Kenji's, Rozaho and Zone 7 Restaurants.

Image by Reginald Sebopela


Charge Ko In The Press

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