Side Kick (Portable Power Station)

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Remote work in Africa is hindered by the constant power outages that lead to loss of at least 20 hours of productivity while working from home. Inverters are too expensive and setting up an offgrid power supply at home even more expensive.
The Charge Ko Side Kick is the ideal power companion for the remote employee enabling them charge their laptops for at least 4 hours, charge phones at least 20 times or run an internet router for over 25 hours.
It has a capacity of 50,000mAh and can power a wide range of devices through the inbuilt DC pins, 3 fast charging USB Ports and a universal socket. It also comes with a high powered flashlight.

-For AC devices (<150W): TV, Standing Fan, Laptop, Lights, Shaver, CPAP, Projector

-For DC12V devices: LED Bulbs, Car Fridge, Air Compressor, Vacuum Cleaner.

-For USB devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Headlamp, USB Fan, Smart Watch.

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